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I dedicate my reflections to the children of the elementary school of Girifalco where I taught for two years.

What would it be of us … elderly… tomorrow?
In a world in which the greeting was proper to address an important person, today it is bought in a sight unseen in the theater of life where we are the protagonists dressed with small hypocrisy from merchant’s clothe, ready to inject in the soul of the next one the poison accumulated in the veins with shrewd intelligence.
Love, otherwise, true love, the one that is not bought but it is earned with sacrifice it is often lived in vain
Not only the elderly, nowadays, but being human it is now considered to the margin; in a society that easily forgets the past and where the original words, traditions, sense of life, order, prayer, sacrifice, pain, are hardly ever able to enter the unusual vocabulary of the new generations.
Education, love, humility, comes disguised in appearance, indifference, and arrogance.
Some time ago a dear friend that lost his mother in circumstance that was “dark and mysterious”, told me of the “thorns detached” in some hospitals the poor elderly unaware fall in the clutches of the shady but respectable citizens, limb that gravitate like hawks in the world of public health.
I read of clandestine assisted suicides here in Italy, but legalized in some other countries to “twelve stars”; large business, in conclusion are speculated to be finance by the death of the poor one’s.
If you are sick you are fried, you have difficulty finding a place in the “lazaretto” and become a periodic number; if you are rich, you have more possibilities to crack better. Life is lived in function of the God money. To be poor is a disgrace, therefore all are stolen in the same manner.
We are victims and slaves of this industrialized progress.
For luck there are people who see with the eyes of the heart the corruption, who feels the stinking smell of it (Moliere already felt it 400 years does) and breath fresh air to avoid getting infected.
A group of men near our time that went back to the past and that not only with the pen, but also across the seven notes, have reflected chinks of light between the darkness that today coil the culture and the contemporary art infecting us with their deep sensibility.
I would want to contribute and revive the moments spent remembering last short motive of strokes that accompanied pleasantly the moments of our existence and that deserve a place to the sun.
“… My father buried a year ago, no one can cultivate the live, green copper on its little nails and a lot of sons to cherish, string on its suitcase that would not be. They killed Pablo and Pablo is alive…” (Francesco De Gregori ). “… It had a long rut the face like a type of smile - and poured the wine and broke the bread for who said I have thirst and I have hunger…” (Fabrizio De Andrè). “…The old dry cough that would carry them all to the sea…” (Claudio Baglioni).
Imaging the face of the devotees of the well-known calendars to the sight of the poor tired bodies wrinkled and weakened of aging!
But where it is more “…that ancient courtesy; the light bulb lit, that from 30 candles and those money saved because you never know…there are always ready for the troubles…” (Francesco Guccini). Although we all assist to accomplice the slaughter, to the unrestrained consumerism of the illuminations lit up also during the day in the large and decorous town. The sharp premonition of Renato Zero, with the recited singing, “will say that you are old! ”. And “who will live will see”, it added Rino Gaetano, prophet with a good spirit, preacher of “a world made of sex”; less badly that the calendars came from the north and not from our work “terun”; (w the Italy of Francesco De Gregori). I offend at the modesty even in the roads full of street merchants - you parents, recalled your daughters to the composure and order. And finish the list with Edoardo Bennato that educated many generations with its cordless puppet; “… and now that you are becoming like ONE OF US…look at how many kids you have…” “… The powerful ones make fear more of the sharks…” (Are only songs – Edoardo Bennato). Don’t worry dear Pinocchio (wooden puppet), “We” think about you! Eye to Pinocchio, dearest babies that is not a puppet anymore! There is an amusing play that Pinocchio taught me (the true one!); was given to him from by the eat fire (the true one!) If its practice with the video game, how to succeed, how to amuse oneself, how to put down the old one on the pedestrian streets and how to make war; (clowns and puppets will never do it). The violence is sold in the shops of the town and then the state teaches us the street training in the school! This is amusing, do you believe it? Less words, mine dear speaking whims, I would crush yourselves still to the wall and when you think you have taken the flight… laugh at yourself, “…its like if the turkey flew …” (Francesco Guccini).
It has being 40 years that this “School” comes taken as a soccer (and this ball does not ever enter in the net); actually from Rome “a cagna between its pigs” (journeys and mirages - Francesco Gregari Says). “…To legalize the mafia will be the rule of 2000 and the charisma of mastrolindo to organize the line with the arrotino with house play … children, come parvulos, a dollar for your eyes…” (Francesco Says Gregori).
“…How many bricks in the wall, still, to cement without seeing more hate, violence, death…” (The Wall 1980 - Pink Floyd). Alive water in the schools and in the families, plus realism, plus truth, except for university teachings and plus separation from the unrestrained modernism that limits in a man his possibility to evolve itself above all spiritually. “… Man and not animal or chickens of breeding…” (Giorgio Gaber). I taught in some middle and superior schools for a short time, not even a greeting between you connects! That example of morality, we claim that the boys are educated with our teaching. It is impossible to educate when missing the sweetness and the humility. Jesus taught by preaching: - “The green wood its treated like this, that will seek of the dry wood!” The giant multi ethnic advances inexorably and our institutions unfortunately are not been in a position to confront the problem with determination and resolution and now will be too late “…human beast unstill full of blood…” (Nomads-Guccini) will be catapulted on our generations aiming to destroy the identity. Force and courage, greased and christened unbeaten down; “…mask strip down, except for sunglasses… the times are changing…” (The voice of the owner - Frank Battiato).
Lets prepare in order to conclude the real larger task … the earning of the eternal life, the grand promise of Jesus. We help the youth to grow better, to have an identity without piercing, tattooings, earrings, to exclude themselves from the informal attitudes and from the senseless fashions. We learn from the “old”, therefore getting to the mystery of this word that recalls our attention to: origin, memory, tradition to the sense of the life, to the wisdom, to the prayer, to the sacrifice, to the sense and to the dignity of the pain, to the respect, to the silence.

Mino Ventura